Happy new year everyone!

Welcome to 2011, how is it treating you so far? Got any plans for the coming years? Anyway, as you know, there is a long standing tradition of mine on the website. This tradition is that if I can think of something to say, I will leave a post on the first day of the month. This is no exception, in fact I had to leave a post because it was the beginning of a new year! For more news on our year, skip the next paragraph!

Jeremiah, our music genius, has just begun work on the theme tune and he hopes to have it finished for mid-January. If he should meet that deadline, he will then begin work on the next track we ask for from him. I'm still deciding whether or not we should release the full theme tune to you on the website as soon as its done, or if we should wait a few months until we're closer to movie release. Your thoughts?

Anyway, I feel we owe it to you all to reflect back on the last year for the movie series and the project in general. I will use this chance to drop hints without giving away too much. This has been our first full year making movies for you, and we have enjoyed almost any minute. This year saw us start working on our second movie, and going on to release a third as well. During this year, we celebrated our first anniversary or birthday, a year of making movies for you all.

Good things can't go on forever, but as long as we're enjoying it, we'll continue to give you the best new content we can. Thank you for your support over the least year, it has been welcomed with open arms. After the fourth movie is released at some point this year, we should be close to our second birthday (if all goes to plan). Two years will be a long time for a project like this to have gone on for, but I'm confident that we can continue until then. 

After the birthday, I'm sure the others will continue to make great movies for you all, and I'm sure they will do an awesome job. I wonder if this movie project will see the completion of seven movies - I sure hope the others make all 7 movies, because its what we told you we would back at the beginning. I said 5, but Picture Meerkat insisted 7 movies, so it falls to him to see that completed.

This is my announcement: This movie will probably be the last I stay at the movie series to see through. I feel there are massive loop holes in this whole system and the way everything is run, and I think it means most of the fan connection work (facebook, youtube, side projects, website etc.) falls to me. Most of it. I don't think I can continue the movie series because of this, but more importantly I feel I would be out staying my time here. Everything needs change, and my decision is to leave following movie 4. I've done what I can for this movie series, it is now someone else's turn to do what they can do.

If it was up to me I'd have left following the third movie, but I convinced myself to stay when specialeffectskat agreed to animate the full movie in 3D. Now he can no longer do this, and even if we find a new animator it is very time consuming being a talent scout for: the guests, the actors, the music, the 3D animation - everything.

I really hope the other members of the team can be respectful and not change this post (Picture Meerkat unfortunately has access to this page). I have saved this post on my computer and should it be changed, and therefore my wishes not respected, consider my resignation moved to now. As it stands - September/October 2011.

Happy New Year

Animator Meerkat


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