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Just felt I should probably leave a new post for you guys, as it has been nearly a week and I wanted to talk to you again! I didn't want to leave you in the dark, but I keep running out of time. Anyway, today, I've got some news for you, so I thought it was worth making a post for this one piece of news!

One of our special guests is going to be confirmed this weekend, yes this weekend. He is due to send me the lines that he's recorded for the movie tomorrow, and then as soon as I have them, I can tell you all the excellent news! 

For those of you spoiler seekers, he is a YouTube star, who has had over half a million hits on YouTube. He has over 2,000 subscribers and has recently become a YouTube partner. He is an awesome actor (that I actually know outside of YouTube) and I'm sure your going to love what he's recorded. I'm sure I'm going to love it to because I haven't heard it yet.

We have a number of other YouTube starts all lined up to appear in movie 4, some of them will either not be able to do it or we'll have to turn them down, but there are another four I'm in conversation with, and we only really need one more. If need be, I will shift one of my parts over so we can have a third special guest, because these other ones (not this weekend's announcement!), some of them have over 2 million views! One of them has over 100 million views - but obviously he'll probably have to turn us down at the last minute.

Here's a little update on these other four for you. Two of them, I should know whether they're going to be in the movie by the end of the month, and I should have lines recorded by them, by then. One of the others has said he's very interested but wants me to contact him again mid February and if he can fit us in he will record it then. 

Then there is the final one. Yep, you guessed it. He is the one with the multi million YouTube channel! I've been speaking to his agent, and the agent has explained to me that obviously the star has a very busy schedule, but if we contact them mid March, they will see what they can do. We're hoping and praying for a yes from him, because that would launch the movie series into orbit, we'd be guaranteed 1 million views!

Saying that, all of our guests are good. I've hand picked people that have impressed me, and people that I think your going to like. We'll soon know who we have in the final movie cast, and who can't do it, or who we don't have a place for. We can stretch to 3 special guests, and if all four of these others want to be in the movie, I will accommodate that, even if it means writing more parts.

These people were chosen by me because of their abilities etc. and I would love for them all to be in the movie. If we get any more of them, above the one we've had already, we'll be really lucky, because we're lucky as it is to have this first one.

Announcement later in the weekend!

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