Hi Everyone,

So a podcast has been recorded! This time it was co-hosted by my cousin, Katie, who plays a number of the characters in the movie series, one of which is the Queen. She is our youngest voice actor (only 9!) so I hope you enjoy the episode when it comes out in a few days but don't be mean to her! She did her best! The episode will be out in the next few days, as I've already said and I think she did an awesome job - well done to her!

I just wanted to say, if you were expecting a DVD (that you had ordered) it should be with you soon. About 8 DVDs have been ordered in the last few weeks by you guys, and I have been working to get all of them out as soon as possible. I'm currently writing a copy of DVD 3 with my other computer. I think for the minute I have two more DVDs to make (including the one being made now) but then I have another batch in a week or two! Sorry if you've had to wait a few weeks, but I'm working on it so they DVDs should be sent in the next few days (maybe at the weekend).

I'm hoping to announce another special guest for movie four this weekend, one guest has told me the lines should be with my by this  Friday, so more announcements soon!

Animator Meerkat


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