Hi Everyone,

As it stands, I'm expecting the theme tune any day now from musickat, Mr Jeremiah Pena himself. He is meant to be finished any day now, but I'm speaking to him online later tonight, and will hopefully be able to update you with more news in the next few days. 

As podcast listeners will know, being my usual, creative self, I have some massive plans for recording of the fourth movie, which would involve a really cool live ustream in which you will see interviews with us, watch us record and get behind the scenes exclusive. This would be recorded so those of you that can't watch it live can watch it after the event as well!

At the minute, I'm just waiting for news from Picture Meerkat as to when he is returning back to Meerkat HQ for recording, as it stands, we're expecting him sometime near the end of February, so we'll keep you updated as we approach closer to the time.

In the meantime, I'm told you lucky people (or unlucky as the case may be!) are going to be subject to a new post from Picture Meerkat on his blog in the next few days. Yes, he has decided to give you a little update to celebrate (as he calls it! I see it as to laugh at his failures) his first post in a whole year. I think its something like the 18th of January, so check out his page for more. 

He assures me he is going to start updating the website once a week (or so) with new posts, but I doubt this very much, so don't hold your breath. We have all been subject to the incompetence (hehe!) of him in the past, so don't expect anything!

Animator Meerkat


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