Hi Everyone!

Long time no see! I've been really busy outside of the movie series, but I'm now able to update you with further news.

I have sent out the last of the second generation DVDs today, which means I am now up to date on DVD sales. Those DVDs were a set to Picture Meerkat and a set to a budding fan of the series - I won't fully name him, but he is called Cameron and he is one of the many of you fans that decided to buy these DVDs! Sales have gone so much higher than the original first generation DVDs where hardly any fans brought the DVDs, but thank you so much for your support, I hope you (have) enjoy your copies!

Animating has begun, because Picture Meerkat has done a few scenes from the new movie, he will hopefully be working on animating them soon, but he's done a good job from what I have seen so far! For more details, I highly recommend you check out his blog right here because he is keeping to his word and has been leaving a number of interesting posts!

We've had some problems with the voicing arrangements because I am now unable to do any of the dates originally agreed with Picture Meerkat, so I'm going to wait to hear from him as to what he wants to do. What I've suggested is he does the voicing with him up in his new home and the rest of us can arrange something down here, which will be a lot easier to sort out!

Finally, my role has had to change in the movie series. Although I will maintain my name, I will no longer be doing the animating. This will enable me to change my original plans - which were to leave after movie 4 - but now I shall stay for the whole series, but won't be involved in the animating. 

For those of you worrying what that will mean for you, it just means I'll continue to be heavily involved in the online social networking (twitter/facebook/youtube) for the series as well as: DVD production, advertising, website maintenance, script writing (for all the movies in the series from now on - unless Chris wants to write movie 7!), compiling, editing, music adding, talent scouting (for voice actors/music composers etc.) as well as a number of other roles which you probably didn't even know existed within this project!

So as I hope you can all still see, I'm still going to be heavily involved in the movie series!

Look out for more news soon!

Animator Meerkat


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