Hi Everyone,

I do in fact check the website everyday also for changes, but I have not been posting in a while it is true. The reason is as follows.

I thought about doing a Picture Meerkat and pretending I was taking a year off posting, but in fact the true reason is that with Picture Meerkat sending me nothing, I have nothing to update you on. Picture Meerkat would like to believe that I've been doing nothing movie wise for the last month, but I've been busy advertising and publishing. If he was in touch with his social media (facebook/twitter/dailybooth/youtube) he'd know I've done lots of stuff over there, as many of you probably know. 

Also, one thing that is worth pointing out is that Picture Meerkat can't spell, as his post below proves!

Finally, I have got some news for another guest actor coming in the next few days but I'm just finalising arrangements first, I don't want to let you down that's why I'm making sure I know the situation first!

I'd also like to remind Picture Meerkat who made all of the pages and updates for this website apart from the odd one from Picture on his blog and his annoyances of this page!

Animator Meerkat


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