Hi Everyone,

Doesn't it make a change ey? A whole month with weekly posts from Picture Meerkat on his blog, but only one post from me! It's so great for me not having to think about this everyday at the minute! Nice for him to feel how frustrating it is when no one else is updating the website with content!

Well I'm sorry for leaving you in his less than capable (grubby meerkat) paws, but I really have had nothing to update you on. At the minute we are going through a bit of a slow period where I have been thinking about other things because there is no news at this end of the movie project!

I'm letting Picture Meerkat pull his weight on this movie, so he is doing the animating as well (as you already knew) so you might have the movie by Christmas! You know how long everything takes him!

Anyway, the little I do have to say is recording has fallen through again! I do wonder if it is ever going to happen! It was rather annoying really because we had a whole two week period, and we needed one day we could both do. Unfortunately, Picture Meerkat limited the whole process down from the outset, because he could only come on the 18th and 19th of April. Its my Dad's birthday on the 18th (happy birthday Dad!) so I was hardly going to make my Dad sit through this boring recording day, watching us record. I was happy for Chris to come on the 19th, but by the time he got back with dates, something had come up and I was unable to be part of the day.

So we postponed again! No worries though, because we'll be meeting up in May for the workshop day, in which we have to shoot a short film to enter into a competition at the end. Luckily, I've been gathering props for this and I've got a great action shooter for the team and I to film! Going to look amazing! Once we know whether it wins the competition or not I'll be uploading it to my youtube (which is where most of my spare time is going at the minute!) www.youtube.com/theteentalks so check it out if you want some cool content from me twice a week!

Have a good Easter if I don't speak to you all before hand!

Animator Meerkat 


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