Hi Everyone,

I made a new episode of the podcast the other day, of which I posted online, and is now available on iTunes. I didn't expect Picture Meerkat would have told you because he doesn't use any slightly interesting software (hehe aka iTunes) so probably has not seen it himself! If you'd like to find out where you can download it, go to the iTunes podcast page of this very website!

If you read Picture Meerkat's blog, you'll know that he is planning to upload a new banner soon. Thank goodness for that, we haven't had a new one since his one year anniversary in January! That is slacking on his part for you. I bet his Easter Banner will not be as good as my interactive one last year where the eggs opened and people were inside, and you could click on the people to go to special surprises! No way will it be that good! Hehe!

He is also showing a bit of the new cover artwork each week on his blog so you might want to have a look (so much promotion for him in this post, I'm being too kind!) It isn't the best one we'd done, the second generation third movie DVD is the best one yet, but it doesn't look awful, just not amazing either!

Animator Meerkat



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