Hi Guys,

I'm really busy at the minute, but I've decided to spare a minute and drop by to write you all an interesting, intriguing and thought provoking post. In simple terms, the exact opposite of anything you'd find on Picture Meerkat's Blog, which is rather straight forward and dull. There is one thing though that you might be interested to go and see on that blog page - the cover for movie 4 will be finally unveiled next Friday, so if you would like to see the completed cover visit his blog!

When I'm not on the website, as always you can catch up with me over on my YouTube channel by visiting www.youtube.com/theteentalks - I update over there twice a week, and it has paid off because this week I've crossed 1k (1,000) subscribers over on that channel which is amazing news for me! Thank you to any of you that are subscribed to that channel and enjoy my videos over there (I've attached my thank you for 1,000 video at the bottom of this post to get your thoughts)

Over in Picture Meerkat's latest blog post he has made reference to upcoming trailers, I wont iterate here what I have said over there, so if you are interested to know about upcoming trailers, again visit the Picture Meerkat's blog page of this website!

To round off this post, I thought I'd let you into a secret. We are planning a very special episode of the podcast in the next few weeks because it will have Kyle, I and Picture Meerkat (possibly even Lardich) on it for the first time every (altogether). Another secret? OK! We might even film some video, so you can see us talking while you listen on YouTube or download our voices in the episode for free on iTunes!

See, when I update on the website, there is something actually worth saying!

Animator Meerkat


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