Hi Everyone,

You may notice my posts becoming irregular, but I really have very little to update you on at the minute. The only good thing is at least I'm updating at least once a month, last year Picture Meerkat didn't update in an entire year! 

Anyway, the team are meeting up in the coming weeks for our special competition workshop which we've mentioned in the podcast and on the website several times since last November! It is finally upon us, and we've got props and costumes and we're going to be making a great short video clip for you of about 3/4 minutes with guns, explosions and 007 style agents! That is all I'm saying for now, if you want more details, you'll have to wait until I've edited the video (after we film it in the coming weeks)! I'll be uploading the finished video to my YouTube channel anyway in June, so I'll link you then!

While we meet up, Picture Meerkat and I will be doing some recording! Unfortunately, this time we only have about 2 hours of time to record in, so we're going to have to go quite quick! 

Hopefully we will get it all done!

Animator Meerkat


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