Hi Everyone,

:This week's evidence would suggest Picture Meerkat is going back to his usual ways as there has been no post by him in over a week and I've had to take over once again! Animator to the rescue! Unfortunately this display of incompetence (hehe!) caused me to have to change the title of my post, so I'll now explain below.

The 'Meerkats in... etc.' part of the title was my playing homage to the Sound of Music (taken from 'Favourite Things' the song, with adapted lyrics). Now I've explained the meaning of the title to those of you with little understanding of great films and stage productions (Picture Meerkat? hehe!) let's explain why it was in the title.

You'll remember that a couple of weeks ago I released a picture here on the website from my new Come Dine With Me parody that I worked on with my friends from drama. Since that date, the video now came out (yesterday actually) and I thought you might all appreciate a chance to see the video, so I've embedded it at the bottom of the post. I hope you like it. Which ever group gets the most views wins a trophy so click below and view it to help us win (share the link with friends and family - any true meerkat fan would!!)

Just to clear up one thing, I do also feel that the meerkat mask looks a bit like a lion but this is the official mask from compare the meerkat, so it is surprising that it is rather unrealistic, but what can I do?


Animator Meerkat


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