Hi there Lardich here! 

Welcome to my page this is my first entry so I have lots to tell. First of all let me explain how you can keep in touch with me. Hopefully you have seen the advert for my YouTube account (on the start page of this very site, scroll down a bit!). Yes well I am Finalninjadog and I used to play on chat room games like a few other people Runescape, Clubpenguin and Boombang if you message me on YouTube or something like that, then maybe we could chat?

Ok so time to talk about the film series. I am really enjoying having a part in the series, though I would rather be a meerkat, I think I have a better meerkat impression but being a mongoose isn’t that bad. 

Especially not Lardich because I have my very own special feature! I can’t tell you who is going to be in it but I can tell you that somebody dies, at least it isn’t me. So, that means you can look forward to seeing me in future movies! I have many more special guests yet!

I enjoyed making the previous film because I got quite a big part in the conversation with Edvard and Sergei. It was quite funny because me and the person who played Sergei kept on getting the words wrong (Picture Meerkat) - it was annoying for Animator Meerkat though, because he just wanted to finish filming the scene, but we kept falling about laughing!

So, more from me next time!Lardich 



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