Hello there viewers me again.

I am very happy at the moment, because I love Easter and this means U have more time to write some more posts for you guys on the blog! Have I got news for you! Well, the other day, I had the honor of meeting the one and only Lady Gakat for the Lets Laugh with Lardich show. She is really nice, and completely different to how you would expect. Actually, she was really down to Earth and normal! Which isn't what you expect after you watch some of her live performances and some of her videos. She has been kind enough to remix one of her songs in a chipmunk/meerkat type voice, so thanks Gaga!

Recently (in the last week) I have been uploading a few more vids on YouTube and as per usual, you can find these at www.youtube.com/finalninjadog  I have also seen the website update with the Easter egg banner, I think Animator Meerkat has done a great job of it!
For all of you Animal Crossing City Folk players who haven’t got my friend code (maybe because you haven’t bothered to visit my channel) I will let you know what it is right here, right now:

Name: Jake

Town: Beach

Friend Code: 1247-5620-8473

To get that code for you, I had to visit my YouTube channel because I haven't learnt it off by heart, so make use of it!

Here is the mention of weather for those people who read the title of this post intently! I heard there is STILL snow up north in places like Scotland and Ireland, can you believe it? I can't!

So, let's get to know each other a bit, what TV shows do you like? One I like I am watching right now. Animator Meerkat likes it too! It's called Doctor Who (for those UK fans who know of it). If you watch it, what do you think of the new guy Matt Smith?

This week (today actually) I have been Easter Egg hunting, finally. Didn't know if I was going to get to go looking for Easter eggs this Easter.

Well guys, hope you had a great Easter weekend, I sure did, I am now settling down to do some more chocolate eating, hope you guys got lots of Easter Eggs, I sure did. As with Animator Meerkat, do you guys need an address next year so you know where to send them to? Oh, your not going to send me one? Oh, I see how it is...

Jokes guys, Happy Easter Monday!



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