Hey Everyone Lardich here!

Sorry I haven't been updating my messages, due to the fact that I am having a few technical difficulties so here is what I have wanted to be telling you over the last few weeks.

Movie 2 is already out where i am the captain of my own ship and have my own army (yay!) also we started doing the voices for movie 3, in which i believe the King is going to die - I have told you a spoiler, hope I don't get in trouble! There are going to be 7 movies in total and i cant wait. Also before the video was posted on youtube i got a sneak peak (this is for movie 2)!  I have animal crossing city folk backup friend codes and I am quite glad because i have  80 friends, 26 subscribers and 10 subscriptions. I dont really subscribe that often to others because I can see what they do when i have added them.

I suppose you know this already, but the movies have a new sponsor, so we have had to start the movie channels up on YouTube again, this time, we have 3 channels:


if you want to visit these channels, then you will find them on my channel which is Finalninjadog. The only thing I find annoying about adding more people is that other people are desparate to get more friends and more subscriptions so as soon as i get a subscriber, subscription or a new friend then they just try to add them and all that. As I some time of work this week, it means that we might be able to get some more things done for movie 3! im not quite sure if we have sorted out a date for it to be released.

I hope I will get a sneak peak of the third movie before you guys do when it comes out - it is only fair, I do star in it! Hopefully, I can get a larger role in the third movie because in movie two, Picture Meerkat wrote it, so he didn't give me such a big role, whereas this time it is back to the excellent writing of Animator Meerkat, who will make sure I get some large bits!

Plans for both movie three and four have been made. The third movie has a tunnel and posion theme (might not make sense, but this is as much as I can say for now) and the fourth one is based around the sea, and we are hoping to have full 3D waterfalls, seas and ships ready for a classic pirate themed movie. Ooh, I suppose you have heard there is a new member of the team, the SpecialEffectsKat, he, as the name suggests, makes all of the special effects from movie three onwards, athough movie four is going to be the big movie for special effects with fire, smoke, seas, 3D ships etc.

Thanks for reading, hope to let you know the latest soon!



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