Hey There Guys!

I'm back, with some more information about the Let's Laugh with Lardich special feature you can expect from movie three. This time, my show has really gone massive. Never before have we had to put a preview online and then watch it get loads more views than any of the other special features - ever. Well it seems you guys are going crazy for this new Let's Laugh, and I can finally announce some more details about it.

Whereas Animator Meerkat gave you some information and a preview but didn't tell you anything else. Now, right here I can announce some more details for you. So this third Let's Laugh with Lardich will have two interviews, and this is the first time we have ever done this. There will be a normal interview, as we do every special feature, and this time it will be the Reverend! Then, there will be a backstage interview, who will this time be with the voice actor Katie, who plays the Queen!

Then, following this, we will have a special performance, like we always do. Although this time we will have a special performer. Yes, I can announce that Katy Perry will be performing for us with a special guest who is Snoop Dogg. Can you guess the song yet? OK, we can't keep it in the bag any longer, I can announce, the song that we will be being performed is California Gurls! The chart topper that hit number one across the world, including in the USA and UK.

Katy Perry will have a great performance planned for you, which has already been recorded. She has got a special way to appear on stage, which includes the best set we have ever seen on the show before. So look out for that it is coming soon.

Also, we have started recording now, and some of the parts including the reverend, librarian, queen, king etc. have already been recorded. So, stay tuned right here, as I will dig the dirt on the rumors going around set at the minute!



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