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Apple have approved our all new Edvard Orlovski: The Movie Series iTunes podcast, which means now you can have the latest movie news, to listen to, in the car, or on a plane on the way on holiday - or in fact where ever you want. It is completely free, and an all new audio podcast, which takes the form of 30 minute audio episodes, for you to listen to! Check back below, and see as we release every episode. But first, download the podcast and write a 5* review, here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=384078138

Episode 15 Goes Live - 14/4/11

The wait seems to be getting longer and longer, and it will continue to do so for the next few months, which is a shame. We are all having a busy time at the minute outside of the project, but we'll try and update you as regularly as we can! The main reason for not recording a podcast in the last few months? Kyle keeps forgetting the podcasting recording sessions! We agree every Thursday we will meet to record a new episode and he is never there! He only remembered the first time and we have done it about six times now! Oh well. This episode is just Gregg giving you the movie low down! Click here to go watch the latest episode of the podcast. Go on, what are you waiting for? Easter will come quicker if you listen!

Episode 14 Goes Live - 12/1/11

Again, another long wait between episodes. Once again, sorry about that! It's been hard trying to find a time to record, but finally the team are back with a new episode for you! In this one, Kyle was unable to be in attendance, so Gregg replaced him with a younger model. Enter Katie, a voice actor who you may know from such roles as the Queen. At 9 years of age, she did an excellent job on this episode of the podcast, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. So what are you waiting for? Head over to iTunes right now and find out the latest about voice actors in our podcast, right here

Episode 13 Goes Live - 11/1/11

Sorry for the long wait between the last episode and this one, we've all been really busy with Christmas amongst other things. The good thing about that is that it now means Kyle and Gregg are back in this episode of the podcast, with some more exclusives. This includes voice actor news - both guest, and non-guest, UStream news and lots more. Being the first episode of 2011 this episode has a lot going for it, and the team started where we meant to go on, by introducing a new sound recording technique to make the sound quality better for all you movie fans. Some say 13 is unlucky, but we beg to differ, because with lots of great exclusives this is a memorable point in movie history - download it here right now people!

Episode 12 Goes Live - 27/11/10

It's been nearly a month, but the podcast crew - yeah, that's Gregg and Kyle - have returned with a new podcast episode to you. Also an extra long episode, but this time to compensate for the long time between episodes. This episode is a bumper 45 minutes long, which isn't as long as the birthday episode we know (but if it was as long as the birthday episode, the birthday episode wouldn't have been special!), which is an increase on our usual 30 minutes. In this podcast, Kyle talks about or new mobile site, Gregg interviews one of the voice actors, Callum, and generally you can enjoy more podcast fun! So, click here to link directly to the iTunes store to download the latest episode! Thanks for continuing to support this!

Episode 11 Goes Live - 03/11/10

An extra long birthday podcast. Gregg and Kyle are joined by some extra guests from the Edvard Orlovski cast and crew for this birthday bash of audio fun. All the secrets from days 4 and 5 and why we gave you the surprises we did are explained and lots of hints as to what is to come in day 2 and day 1 are revealed! So click here to go visit the iTunes link to download this episode! No problem if you don't have iTunes you can still enjoy the fun just click this link to go visit the podcast feeds website!

Episode 10 Goes Live - 30/09/10

Two weeks since the last podcast and it feels like a month, we know! But Gregg and Kyle are back for some more great movie talk, as the podcast hits double figures. Yes, this is the 10th episode, and hopefully won't be the last one before the movie series' birthday! Gregg and Kyle will get straight back to work with recording the next episode with some new talk and lots more spoilers, hopefully due out mid October, we'll see! Just under 30 minutes is the length of this episode, and Gregg and Kyle both drop hints as to what you can expect for both the fourth movie, and the celebrations of this month! Naughty them! Well make sure you check this episode out, there is some things well worth you hearing, just click HERE!!!

Episode 9 Goes Live! - 16/09/10

A slightly longer wait that we would have liked, but 9 days isn't too bad for a weekly to fortnightly podcast, and 9 days is in that category, so we have done well! Gregg and Kyle are back for another episode of the infamous iTunes podcast, which is back to the normal length of our podcasts! So another nearly 30 minute chunk of movie fun, as we tell you the latest news in the movie world. Yes everything is covered from YouTube views, to emails and even movie 4 news. Kyle tells about a movie training course the movie team are going on next year. As you can see, this episode is a valuable use for your time, so get listening while its fresh. To make it easier for you, we'll even given you a link, click right HERE - go on!

Episode 8 Goes Live! - 07/09/10

The first episode of the podcast this month! Apologies for such a gap between this episode and the last one, Gregg did make an episode and tried to upload it, but then had to stop the upload, and make the movie DVD. While making the DVD, he cleaned up his computer because he was running out of space. Unfortunately, he deleted the old episode 8 accidentally, which was due to come out the day of movie release. This means he had to wait to get another chance to record. Gregg has now got Kyle, who played the Librarian, King and the Reverend in movie 3 to be the co-host for most, if not all, of the episodes from now on! There is lots of movie 4 spoilers as well as YouTube news, click HERE so you don't miss out!

Episode 7 Goes Live! - 26/08/10

Finally, Gregg manages to grab Kyle on the show who plays the Librarian, the King and the Reverend in Movie 3. After a previous attempt in episode 5, Gregg gets him now, and although there are some issues with sound quality because it was recorded over Skype, you can still get the jist of what the guys tell you. Kyle reveals some more about the movie and his thoughts on it, while Gregg gives you the latest update on movie 3 and how it is going. This could well be the last podcast before movie release so grab it while it is fresh, by clicking this handy download link right HERE - go on!

Episode 6 Goes Live! - 21/08/10

Being that Gregg has been out of office a week, he sure had a lot to update you on. Now the movie is nearly complete at this stage and Gregg, again on his own, gives you the latest news on the movie world, including special features, special effects, Picture Meerkat and lots more, so get ready for loads more movie fun in a nice 30 minute chunk, of our still all new iTunes podcast. Click HERE to download right now!

Episode 5 Goes Live! - 12/08/10

After many attempts with special guests which included the actors who play Lardich, the Librarian, the King and the Reverend, we had to give up because the format was deemed corrupt by mypodcast.com, when in fact we have checked and it isn't. Therefore, we are sorry to say we have no special guests this episode, and instead Gregg joins you on his own for more movie news as he gives you the latest on the YouTube, the movie, the special features, our celebrity special guest and special effects news... as well as much much more! Also, this episode contains the information of how to get your own copy of the DVD, just follow the instructions in the episode! Download HERE from iTunes right now!

Episode 4 Goes Live! - 07/08/10

The fourth episode of the iTunes podcast has gone live - and as the trend goes, we have continued managing to release an episode every 5 days. but this trend will have to stop soon. In this episode, Gregg is on his own once again to let you know the latest on all things movie. Gregg spills the secrets about movie compilation, special effects, the state of special feature production as well as, as usual, lots of thank yous to you! Gregg explains that there will be no ad breaks and also tells you how excellently the viewing of the website is going. If you would like to get in touch with Gregg and the podcast team, make sure to email: edvardmovie@hotmail.com - Click HERE to download the episode from iTunes!

Episode 3 Goes Live! - 02/08/10

The third episode of the iTunes podcast is now available for your entertainment. As another special guest joins Animator Meerkat you can expect more fun and games, yet movie news! Gregg is joined by Jake, who plays Lardich in the movie series who reveals a lot about his upcoming third special feature, Let's Laugh with Lardich 3, as well as news on who he plays and what his character gets up to during movie 3, even though Lardich is missing for most of it. So who is Jake playing? On top of that, an all new trivia round, where questions are asked of the special guest - let us know if you want it to be a regular feature or not. Don't know what we're talking about? Click HERE to download the episode from iTunes!

Episode 2 Goes Live! - 28/07/10

The second episode of the new iTunes podcast is out for you to enjoy! This is the first episode where Animator Meerkat is joined by a special guest, and in this episode you are welcomed by three people. Gregg is joined by Picture Meerkat, Chris, and a voice actor who plays Olivia, Katie. They filmed this live on the set of recording the voices for the third movie, so it doesn't get more real than this. Watch this episode for exclusive news about the new special features, the special features which have been dumped, funny recording banter, movie news, release date and general hilarious content. Click HERE to download it!

Episode 1 Goes Live! - 23/07/10

The first episode of the new all new podcast. An introductory episode where Animator Meerkat takes you on a fast paced, whistle stop tour of all of the latest news, including some news which he shouldn't have revealed online. Some sound quality could have been better, but by the time we worked this out, it had gone live. Nothing was finalised about the podcast during the recording, not even a length, so if it sounds uncertain, we apologise and can only suggest you watch the newest episode, quickly! Click HERE to download it!