Hey There Guys!

I'm back, with some more information about the Let's Laugh with Lardich special feature you can expect from movie three. This time, my show has really gone massive. Never before have we had to put a preview online and then watch it get loads more views than any of the other special features - ever. Well it seems you guys are going crazy for this new Let's Laugh, and I can finally announce some more details about it.

Whereas Animator Meerkat gave you some information and a preview but didn't tell you anything else. Now, right here I can announce some more details for you. So this third Let's Laugh with Lardich will have two interviews, and this is the first time we have ever done this. There will be a normal interview, as we do every special feature, and this time it will be the Reverend! Then, there will be a backstage interview, who will this time be with the voice actor Katie, who plays the Queen!

Then, following this, we will have a special performance, like we always do. Although this time we will have a special performer. Yes, I can announce that Katy Perry will be performing for us with a special guest who is Snoop Dogg. Can you guess the song yet? OK, we can't keep it in the bag any longer, I can announce, the song that we will be being performed is California Gurls! The chart topper that hit number one across the world, including in the USA and UK.

Katy Perry will have a great performance planned for you, which has already been recorded. She has got a special way to appear on stage, which includes the best set we have ever seen on the show before. So look out for that it is coming soon.

Also, we have started recording now, and some of the parts including the reverend, librarian, queen, king etc. have already been recorded. So, stay tuned right here, as I will dig the dirt on the rumors going around set at the minute!

Hey Everyone Lardich here!

Sorry I haven't been updating my messages, due to the fact that I am having a few technical difficulties so here is what I have wanted to be telling you over the last few weeks.

Movie 2 is already out where i am the captain of my own ship and have my own army (yay!) also we started doing the voices for movie 3, in which i believe the King is going to die - I have told you a spoiler, hope I don't get in trouble! There are going to be 7 movies in total and i cant wait. Also before the video was posted on youtube i got a sneak peak (this is for movie 2)!  I have animal crossing city folk backup friend codes and I am quite glad because i have  80 friends, 26 subscribers and 10 subscriptions. I dont really subscribe that often to others because I can see what they do when i have added them.

I suppose you know this already, but the movies have a new sponsor, so we have had to start the movie channels up on YouTube again, this time, we have 3 channels:


if you want to visit these channels, then you will find them on my channel which is Finalninjadog. The only thing I find annoying about adding more people is that other people are desparate to get more friends and more subscriptions so as soon as i get a subscriber, subscription or a new friend then they just try to add them and all that. As I some time of work this week, it means that we might be able to get some more things done for movie 3! im not quite sure if we have sorted out a date for it to be released.

I hope I will get a sneak peak of the third movie before you guys do when it comes out - it is only fair, I do star in it! Hopefully, I can get a larger role in the third movie because in movie two, Picture Meerkat wrote it, so he didn't give me such a big role, whereas this time it is back to the excellent writing of Animator Meerkat, who will make sure I get some large bits!

Plans for both movie three and four have been made. The third movie has a tunnel and posion theme (might not make sense, but this is as much as I can say for now) and the fourth one is based around the sea, and we are hoping to have full 3D waterfalls, seas and ships ready for a classic pirate themed movie. Ooh, I suppose you have heard there is a new member of the team, the SpecialEffectsKat, he, as the name suggests, makes all of the special effects from movie three onwards, athough movie four is going to be the big movie for special effects with fire, smoke, seas, 3D ships etc.

Thanks for reading, hope to let you know the latest soon!

  Hello there viewers me again.

I am very happy at the moment, because I love Easter and this means U have more time to write some more posts for you guys on the blog! Have I got news for you! Well, the other day, I had the honor of meeting the one and only Lady Gakat for the Lets Laugh with Lardich show. She is really nice, and completely different to how you would expect. Actually, she was really down to Earth and normal! Which isn't what you expect after you watch some of her live performances and some of her videos. She has been kind enough to remix one of her songs in a chipmunk/meerkat type voice, so thanks Gaga!

Recently (in the last week) I have been uploading a few more vids on YouTube and as per usual, you can find these at www.youtube.com/finalninjadog  I have also seen the website update with the Easter egg banner, I think Animator Meerkat has done a great job of it!
For all of you Animal Crossing City Folk players who haven’t got my friend code (maybe because you haven’t bothered to visit my channel) I will let you know what it is right here, right now:

Name: Jake

Town: Beach

Friend Code: 1247-5620-8473

To get that code for you, I had to visit my YouTube channel because I haven't learnt it off by heart, so make use of it!

Here is the mention of weather for those people who read the title of this post intently! I heard there is STILL snow up north in places like Scotland and Ireland, can you believe it? I can't!

So, let's get to know each other a bit, what TV shows do you like? One I like I am watching right now. Animator Meerkat likes it too! It's called Doctor Who (for those UK fans who know of it). If you watch it, what do you think of the new guy Matt Smith?

This week (today actually) I have been Easter Egg hunting, finally. Didn't know if I was going to get to go looking for Easter eggs this Easter.

Well guys, hope you had a great Easter weekend, I sure did, I am now settling down to do some more chocolate eating, hope you guys got lots of Easter Eggs, I sure did. As with Animator Meerkat, do you guys need an address next year so you know where to send them to? Oh, your not going to send me one? Oh, I see how it is...

Jokes guys, Happy Easter Monday!

Hi there Lardich here! 

Welcome to my page this is my first entry so I have lots to tell. First of all let me explain how you can keep in touch with me. Hopefully you have seen the advert for my YouTube account (on the start page of this very site, scroll down a bit!). Yes well I am Finalninjadog and I used to play on chat room games like a few other people Runescape, Clubpenguin and Boombang if you message me on YouTube or something like that, then maybe we could chat?

Ok so time to talk about the film series. I am really enjoying having a part in the series, though I would rather be a meerkat, I think I have a better meerkat impression but being a mongoose isn’t that bad. 

Especially not Lardich because I have my very own special feature! I can’t tell you who is going to be in it but I can tell you that somebody dies, at least it isn’t me. So, that means you can look forward to seeing me in future movies! I have many more special guests yet!

I enjoyed making the previous film because I got quite a big part in the conversation with Edvard and Sergei. It was quite funny because me and the person who played Sergei kept on getting the words wrong (Picture Meerkat) - it was annoying for Animator Meerkat though, because he just wanted to finish filming the scene, but we kept falling about laughing!

So, more from me next time!Lardich