Meerkat Madness - Animator Meerkat's Company

As most of you know, the meerkat movies that we create are created by two separate companies. The best one, (in Animator meerkats opinion) of which, is Meerkat Madness. In the first movie, our company logo wasn't up to the standard that we expect, so for the second movie onwards, one of our team, has created an awesome logo, as shown. So look out for it. This page will be updated with information, related to the company and the movies!

The Company - the running force behind the movies - both online and mobile!

In a way, Meerkat Madness has played a huge part in the making of these movies. Although the other company - Picture Meerkat's Golden Ciricatta - have created all of the amazing drawings that you see within the movie, this company has been the running force behind the movie, because we have animated so much of the movie. But, the main thing, which we  feel we have done for this movie is all of the online advertising: the website (here), the facebook page, the veoh site, the youtube videos have all come off the back of us. We have even tried to take this 'project' mobile. This is still 'maybe happening'. The mobile application is completed created - but when submitted was rejected because of the Sergeii Voice being to hard to understand for some people. This character was voiced by a member of Golden Ciricatta, so if we end up not going mobile, it is their faults! 

All of the advertising which has gone out online such as: Twitter, Our PR, website, facebook, youtube, veoh etc. has all come from us. We have got those views on the movie. Given it what it deserves. We have done this using a number of techniques. The best one seems to be doing non related projects (which we have now done about 15 of, and this drags people in. They then feel like they should watch the movies. So all those views on the YouTube Channel, Veoh etc. have come from our advertising. OK, a few views from Picture Meerkat and his friends, but even he can't deny, how many of those views wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Meerkat Madness. Thank you.