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Now you've seen part 1 above - follow the instructions below to see the rest

So you saw part 1, but what about the rest of the movie? Due to YouTube constraints, the movie can only be in chunks of less that 11 minutes, so this movie has been split into 6 chunks of about 10:48 - 10:49 minutes long. Click the link, or go to the page on the left hand side which says Watch the Movie Here! You can watch movie 2 there, but due to accidental conditions that we couldn't have foreseen, the first movie is now longer on YouTube and only can now be seen on Veoh.

Note from Animator Meerkat

For this movie, as most of you know, I have handed the writing and directing roles over to Animator Meerkat. I can tell you it wasn't easy. I think it was desperately hard to make the first movie. This is for one reason in particular and that is that it was an introductory story and so we had to be introduced to the characters and that didn't leave much room for characters to develop. We had to get you used to the characters.

Also, when we made the first one, we weren't as experienced in flash as we are now. There were many things we didn't know. So, this time, now we have all that experience under our belts, this movie has to be at least twice as good because of the effects we are using. From here onwards, that what we need. Every time we make a new movie, the aim is two times better. 

See you in the movie three home page!
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