Final Trailer for our third movie - Release Date for Movie and DVD announced below!

This is the final trailer for our upcoming third movie. This means this is the long one which gives you the most footage from the movie, and therefore a feel of what you can expect in this third adventure of the series. The movie release date is finally announced in this trailer, as we reveal you can expect to find the movie on YouTube, the website etc on 1st September 2010 with the DVD for the third movie, featuring the spectacular special features on 2nd September 2010 how exciting right? That's enough talk from us, we will leave you in peace to watch the final trailer for the movie below!

Second Teaser Trailer for our third movie!

The second teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming movie, usually this is the funny and non-serious one, and this is no exception as we follow animal maniac David Attenkat on his adventures through Stadgroot - the longest trailer 2 to date at just over 4 minutes!

First Teaser Trailer for our third movie!

This is the first teaser trailer for the third movie, which is always the one where can't give much away, but Animator Meerkat, who makes them, always tries to give away more than Picture Meerkat would like. So, what do you think of the first trailer, if you like it, make sure you go to the YouTube page of this video ( and look for the video) and thumbs up, comment and favourite it! And on the small chance you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you go that too!