Three movies, nearly 50,000 views and a host of side projects! Welcome to Movie 4 !

Before we continue with the year to come, full of great surprises and amazing revelations which we couldn't have hoped to have brought to reality until this August to September 2010, maybe it is time to stop and think where we have come from all ready. Three movies later, and we are trying our best to hold strong and continue to produce the content you deserve. Trust me, the next movie coming your way is at least 10 times better than what you have seen from us so far, obviously I can't explain why, because all those secrets are to come in October!

This is a bit like a mini remembrance to what the movie series has had flung its way so far, because the real one comes when we celebrate our movie series' birthday, with a whole new page, packed with treats for October 2010. This is an introductory to movie four, to remind you where we stand, and where we want to be after this coming movie.

Before we embark on the biggest project of our movie careers in this coming year, I would like to take this moment to remind you of the great things that have happened to us. This seems like the perfect time to start the movie 4 page, after we have found out that collectively, over the three movies we have just under 40,000 views! I mean, come on for a small project like this, 38,741 views is amazing. I hasten to add, that is only over the first parts of each of the three movies, so we could well be doing ourselves a discredit, and we may have already have passed 40,000 views.

I for one have worked hard to make sure this movie series isn't just a new movie you watch every few months on YouTube. I have hastened to add Veoh, TVUPlayer, UStream, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Podcasts and lots lots more into the mix to make this more of a franchise than a series of movies. That is why it is so important that we remember what has come already, the extremely hard work and many hours we have put into making these movies what they are today.

With confidence, I can assure you that what is to come is us at our best. You have know idea what we are capable of, and I really think this next movie will blow your socks off just like it has mine. Although barley started, this movie is going to be the largest whirlwind so far.

Your on the right page, so watch this space as October and the months to follow it roll by. Expect lots of spoilers, right here!

Animator Meerkat