Happy Birthday Edvard! 5 Days of Fun, Fun, Fun!

The birthday for the movie series is officially the 25th October, 2010. Exactly a year since the first post was posted on the website. On this page, we hope to pay homage to both you, and the fantastic group of people behind this movie series, and the continual work they put into it. That's why, we dedicate 5 days of October this year to celebrating and providing you with the thank you of which you deserve.That means 5 times the spoilers. Each day, a new feature will be added to this page, we'll put it just below this paragraph, with a title e.g. Day 5. Then, you can see exactly what is new to the website for that day. Some days its not much of a spoiler, but most days (mainly day 3, day 2 and day 1!) are going to provide you with the future for Edvard and friends and where we're taking this project from here. Thanks, and enjoy browsing through.

Day 1 - HD Trailer for Movie 4!

The day we're celebrating the birthday is here, and you can expect something amazing. To celebrate, we have given you a new trailer - the 1st for the fourth movie. Trust us, there are a number of surprises along the way - not just the fact that it is our FIRST HD video release EVER! Check out the trailer above and tell us what you think because we have been keeping this a secret for a while now, and we are so glad to finally release it to you all! So happy birthday Edvard, and enjoy your final treat from us for the birthday celebrations! Now to decide what to do for the birthday next year...

Day 2 - Concept Art SNEAK PEAK!

What is it?
The day before we celebrate the birthday is here, and do we have a good surprise for you. This is the biggest hint we could give you without physically telling you the big surprise for movie 4! This is one of the early concepts of something for the next movie - in fact it was the first preview that was drawn up. We could have shown you a more recent preview, but it would have been too obvious as to what we are doing for movie 4. So for now, here is a little hint at what is to come - if you think you know the answer to what this is on the left of this text email us at meerkatofficials@hotmail.com because we want to see who is right, and we will reveal who got it right! Want one more clue? Well, this plays a big part in what your about to see tomorrow for the actual birthday. No, not another concept art sneak peak, something much more than that!

Day 3 - Special Length Birthday Podcast!

Yes everybody! Welcome to day 3 surprise! An extra long birthday podcast. Gregg and Kyle are joined by some extra guests from the Edvard Orlovski cast and crew for this birthday bash of audio fun. All the secrets from days 4 and 5 and why we gave you the surprises we did are explained and lots of hints as to what is to come in day 2 and day 1 are revealed! So click here to go visit the iTunes link to download this episode! No problem if you don't have iTunes you can still enjoy the fun just click this link to go visit the podcast feeds website!

Day 4 - Cover Artwork and NEW Official Facebook Launch!

The first artwork for the new movie, please bare in mind, this may not be the final cover artwork but is an early interpretation drawn up by Animator Meerkat
The new facebook page is launched! Yes, for those budding fans, we left that as a surprise at the bottom of the page yesterday, but it is officially launched today. To the left, is the facebook feed, if you don't have a facebook account, please make one and share in the fun. Underneath the title there is a like hyperlink, click that and if you don't have an account, or are not logged in at the moment, it will take you to the right pages to get what you need!

Traditionally, our facebook pages have had no support from us and we have just left them to get on. Therefore, it has never gotten very big. This is a new beginning for Edvard on Facebook, so this is your chance to start the Edvard Facebook movement properly.

Therefore, if you could please like the page and join in that would be awesome, Animator Meerkat will be dropping some hints and lots of spoilers over on the Facebook page first, so if your not a member at the minute then you need to sign up quick to get the latest.

If for some reason the Facebook box to the left isn't working for you, follow us over at twitter - @Greggfrog - because as soon as we update the website or the facebook page it all goes up on Twitter automatically, so make sure you get to the Facebook page that way if the plugin to the left isn't working for you. Help make Edvard's Birthday go off with a bang by joining the page on Facebook!

Day 5 - What We Thought - The day for key members of the team to pay tribute

Animator Meerkat's Thoughts!

October 2010, a year since the movie series started, and yet here we are. How did it happen, we don't know, but what we do know, is that we have you to thank for us still being here today. As far as I'm concerned, and I'm sure the others will back me up, without you guys, the movie series wouldn't have been possible. Even more than that, I'd only have bothered doing the first movie.

The first movie was just for fun for me, to see what we could really do. Once I'd seen what we were working with, and the process of movie making began, Chris (Picture Meerkat) and I got a bit ahead of ourselves, and we decided seven movies would be a good number to do. By the end of the first movie, we were still sure seven was the ultimate goal, but we had one under our belt, and everything seemed a bit closer. We knew where to go to, to continue from where we already were, as in we knew what the next step should be to make a movie on movie advance, and make every movie better than the last.

I'm sure you all knew my thoughts of movie two, I felt it was a slight let down, in that very few new ideas were introduced, any characters were killed for the sake of being killed (e.g. the agents from movie 1!). Chris killed them off just because of silly reasons, and most of the concepts within the movie weren't fully explained and didn't make sense to me, let alone you lot at home who weren't even involved in the process.

Then came the third movie, and I feel confident that it has been the best one yet. We even included some new special features on the DVD, because having the same old bunch on movie two as were on movie one was getting a bit old, so we left your favorites in and simply removed the ones you didn't like. The third movie introduced us to both Kyle and Dave, both who are staying on for the fourth movie, and Dave is playing a larger role in production shall we say (more on that later in the birthday celebrations!) and without them I don't know the movie would look so good (Dave) or the side projects would be so successful (Kyle's regular helping out with the podcast and becoming a regular host etc.)

I hope you enjoy the movie series as much as we have enjoyed providing you with the content. I thank you so much for your continued support, even when everything dies down, you still continue to watch the movie, download the free side projects and generally support us in any way you can. That's why I spent so long arranging these birthday celebrations, because I hope by the end of these 5 days, your going to have seen something you are excited about and feel was worthwhile the wait and constant spoilers. This is as much our birthday as it is a celebration for you guys. Thank you.

Animator Meerkat

The Reverend's Thoughts!

When I joined the movie series, it was a simple matter of me meeting Gregg in a room while he was working on the 3rd movie. I asked him what he was doing and Chris said “No, I thought we weren’t supposed to be telling everyone about it!”. Gregg offered me a place on the team and I accepted straightaway, as it was a great opportunity! In the final weeks before the summer holidays, we started to organise everything as far as voicing goes, as we would not be meeting over the summer. I see it as a coincidence, and now look at me! Regular host on the iTunes podcast, as well as voice actor for three characters.

Talking of coincidences, I subscribed to his brother on YouTube way before we met. I can’t remember why, but I was surprised to find out who he was!

I now desperately try to amuse our listeners to the podcast as Gregg updates you on the latest news as it happens. In episode two with Chris, the number of downloads dropped dramatically. The first episode I did, the downloads went back up, so you guys seem to like me! That’s good, as I know I’m doing well.

The Reverend!

Lardich's Thoughts!

So far I have been in all 3 of the movies that have been released my favourite of all my parts so far is Lardich.

This character, Lardich, has his own page on the website and his own special feature. I enjoy this special feature (Let's Laugh with Lardich) because it gives me a chance to really get involved in the movie series and what happens behind the scenes! I liked movie 1 as I made my first appearance - as did everyone!

My Lardich part is a big part and this means I can enjoy myself and really have fun with the character. Everyone is so friendly, and it is a nice chance for us to have our own little movie careers - I am glad to continue being in the team!


Picture Meerkat's Thoughts!

As far as I can remember the movie series was started around a year ago, when Animator Meerkat and I decided to start making a movie series.

The first movie was out by Christmas 2009, after a large amount of animating. The voice recording particularly stands out, as we were recording voices for a long time, with around half the scenes having several takes. We also had to sort out what the characters actually sounded like, such as accents. The hardest voice to record was that of Tant. This was often because Animator Meerkat added random phrases in that were never originally in the script, but made Tant so much better and gave him a personality. The second movie was the one that I scripted and wrote. In this one the quality of the animations and drawings improved, as we had learnt to use flash far better. That movie was released around May.

The third movie was written by Animator Meerkat and it featured tunnels underneath the previous movie settings. This movie was a semi prototype for the future of the movies, as there was something about the movie that made it different to the other two, and that something will heavily feature in the next few movies. Unfortunately for you I am not allowed to tell you what that special thing is, and so you will have to wait for the movie birthday to find out the big news.

For movie 4 the script has been written once again by Animator Meerkat, as his needs something to do between eating cockroaches and juicy grubs! I cannot reveal much about the upcoming movie, but I can honestly guarantee that movie 4 will be the best one yet. Many thanks for reading this,

Picture Meerkat

KatieKat's Thoughts!

For me Edvard Orlovski started when me and my brother (Chris or Picture Meerkat)  had an idea of writing a fictional story about a meerkat called Edvard Orlovski and his friend, a girl meerkat called Karla.

We would both be in charge of our own characters and we would come up with the story together. The book would was going to be titled 'The Kalahari Diaries' and it was going to feature the two friends fighting a battle with the Mongeese, but a happy  friendship ending for meerkats and mongeese (though I have to say I do not know what happens at the end of the movie series -  Gregg and Chris won't tell me yet, but I assume that is because they haven't written it yet!).

The book idea got scraped when my brother made a friend called Gregg. They decided to make a movie about a meerkat called Edvard Orlovski (funny coincidence?) without a friend called Karla. I wasn't included for the plans of the movie and Chris no longer wanted to make the book.

Later on I was brought back into the movie series for voicing the teacher (in the first film) and Olivia ( in the second and third films). I really enjoy voicing as it is fun and it is always packed with laughter.  I am now making a mini movie of my own using macromedia flash and I am looking forward to completing it - hopefully soon! Then Picture Meerkat will be sure to give you a link! Altogether I think the movie series has been a huge success and a very enjoyable experience.