I have got quite a bit of news for you lucky meerkat fans today, so stay tuned, because we have got lots of news for you! First up, we have passed 11,000 views, if you visit the homepage of this site you can now see that we are just over 11,300 so 11,500 views is in reach in the coming day or two we hope! Thanks again for your support in getting us many views!

We have completed and animated the first 8 scenes of the movie, and being this movie has about 21 scenes in we are doing really well, especially as during the next six weeks we are both (Picture Meerkat and I) planning to take holidays somewhere at separate times in the next few weeks. Picture Meerkat is off next Friday so during the time after that, before I go away, compilation is the main thing I need to do so by the time I get back all the scenes are complete, and I can upload the movie!

Last night, I started work on the first teaser trailer for this movie, it mainly features on the scene which has the best animating and drawing Picture Meerkat has ever done in it, and I think your going to like it - complete with voice over from Edvard. If I can finish it today or tomorrow will put it up on Saturday or Sunday.

Specialeffectskat is going to be sending us the first special animated design he has done for us this weekend, it fits into scene 9, so the only reason we haven't completed scene 9 is because we need the first special effects animation to go in here, so as soon as we get that, we can finish the first 9 scenes. Can't wait to see what he has done with it, I'm really excited because I have seen some of his previous work, its amazing!

We have a new podcast. Not a new episode of the podcast, but a new podcast. I have finally worked out how to make a podcast and submit it to iTunes, so thats what I have done today, and over the next few days I'm hoping Apple will accept it (its in review now) and then I will give you a link, and you can download the first podcast of our new series! This iTunes podcast is an audio only podcast, and the first episode is 30 minutes long, and I'm going for around that length for all of them. So for the video exclusives, you can watch our video podcast on YouTube or on the website or on the TV channel or UStream, and for our audio podcast, you will be able to see it on iTunes and the website and possible YouTube. How exciting!

Next week, there will be another new episode of this audio podcast, as I am meeting up in the office with Picture Meerkat on Thursday for some voicing! Yes, we are doing the voicing for the whole movie next Thursday, before one or other of us is away on holiday, or moving in the case of Picture. So after we have recorded all the special features and all the audio for all the scenes, I will then follow this up by recording a new podcast for our audio iTunes series! So look out for that, if we get accepted after review from Apple, I will make a new page for this new podcast!

Thanks guys for reading, see you next post!

Animator Meerkat

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