I am super excited, because I have just got home, and looked on the YouTube channel, and guess what? Oh, you read the title? Ok...

Anyway, so four honors today, how exciting is that! Well, I agree, when we got 9 the other day that was excellent, so 4 today doesn't look that good right? Well, it does when you realise that 3 were for one video, and one was for the other video. So, yes, in fact - TWO of my YouTube videos made it in the top 100 today - and not just for today, all the honors (the four) are ALL week ones! So I am deeply proud and excited with that.

Thank you to anyone that has watched the movies, tell all your friends to watch the first one, so there is some context when the next one comes out in a few weeks (yes, in cause you weren't aware, we have a date for release! Saturday 15th May 2010 exiting!)

What am I doing tonight you ask? So close to movie release? Well, I am making some special features. I realised how close we were to release, and how few special features we so far have. Although some will be recorded when we record voices next week, some of them should already be done (the ones that either neither of us, or only I am voicing. So, as I write to you, I am opening up Flash MX, to make the actual VIDEO for Let's Laugh With Lardich, which was actually recorded months ago!

Honors below people!

Animator Meerkat

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