If you are wanting the spoiler, look to the post below. Anyway, I am wondering if I should change the name of this page to Animator Meerkat's Blog, because I don't believe Picture Meerkat! I never comment on his page and he is always commenting on mine, or changing what I have said! See, I look at his page but never write or edit posts! As they are his views. He doesn't respect the privacy on this site :) Joke. I think.

Anyway, now I have finished my rant, today we have recorded a 5th special feature. I didn't ask Picture Meerkat as I didn't feel I had to, and so went ahead and recorded a new special feature called Let's Laugh With Lardich.  I would like to do one of these per movie release, as it is a great little show, in which Lardich interviews a character from the movie in question. For this DVD, he interviewed Edvard. It was fun to film and even contains a special performance from Michael Jackat and the Chipmunks! Great to make! Absolutely Fab! So, that is something else for you to look forward to on the DVD. 

Hopefully, we can count on you buying the DVD. Obviously, as we are a non money making business we hope to offer the DVD at a price which only takes into account cost of the actual DVD. We hope to be able to put it online for sale as well, who knows though!

Thanks Guys!

Animator Meerkat

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