Hiya Guys!

So, I wasn't planning to post today, until our app update went through today! Good news right?

So, for the full details, head to 'the official iphone app' page of the website, but for a scaled down version, look below:

'The second trailer for the movie is now out (for the second movie) and this is the Lady GaKat one. Unfortunately, we had hoped to have this update out before the trailer went live - but it co-incided with Apple bringing out their new iDevice which is called the iPad. So, with this update comes many new features. It is our biggest update yet. We have a new menu, so if you click on the Movie Two (Sneak Peak) menu. So if you click it, you can see the menu appear for you to see both trailers! We have also got three new buttons on the homescreen. One is @Greggfrog - if you click this, it takes you to my (Animator Meerkat's) Twitter page! This means, you can get the updates as they happen, and 'follow me' for the latest news! The middle button is more games, which takes you to a page where you can view more games from our developer, Koh Jing Yu. The last new button is Support. This button takes you to a direct link to your device's mailbox, so you can email edvardmovie@hotmail.com (my movie email address) and get help if you require it!'

Quoted from 'the official iPhone app' page of www.meerkatmovie.weebly.com (c)

So, there you go!

Animator Meerkat

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