Hi Everyone,

Rather annoyed because you would have had a new post from me last night, but I got to the end, embedded the picture (see below) and then somehow clicked the wrong button and deleted the lot! I wish weebly had an auto save feature sometimes, so I wouldn't have had to type this out again.

Before I get on to the main story of this post, who else could really try and cook a computer cable?!? Only Picture Meerkat's family! Can you believe he moans when I point out his incompetence! Hehe. I think he's obviously spent too long animating meerkats and has convinced himself that meerkats eat computer cables! Might want to check Wikipedia there Picture!

Anyway, so the reason I've popped by is to tell you about a new meerkat project I'm involved in. I'm sorry if you think my blog (the news page) is going slightly off topic recently, but I know literally as much as you! My only source of news is Picture's Blog, so until I read that each week I have no idea whether he's animated something or burnt his computer cables! I really have very little to do with the meerkat movie process now, which is exactly what I wanted, so I have time to focus on other more pressing projects.

At my drama club, we were told about a new project in which we had to make a video (edit/film/upload etc.) to youtube, and whichever group got the most views won a trophy award! We've been working hard on our idea (my group) and after originally planning to do a Rebecca Black parody decided to our own version of Come Dine With Me, but in our version, Hitler held a dinner party for Churchill, Lord Sugar and me - Aleksandr Orlov! My Aleksandr is slightly different to the original, mainly in his costume, but I'll give you a little preview at the end of this post!

Once the actual video is up on Saturday 2nd July, I'll embed it in a post for you all to see, because any one of you meerkat fans should want to help us win by clicking and reloading the page a million times! I mean, after all, it features Aleksandr Orlov and its played by a representative (me) from the Edvard Orlovski series!

Anyway, picture below! I'm sure Picture Meerkat will disapprove for whatever reason he can think of this time! 

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

Just to update you on a couple of small matters:

The new banner is now up on the website. It gives a hint as to when you can expect to see the new movie coming out, at least I assume that is what it refers to because I am told nothing around here any more! hehe!

Also, you may remember Picture Meerkat and I had been talking for months about a workshop day we were doing where we would be spending the whole day filming a real life high quality video. The video came out online yesterday and so far has got some good reactions, as can be seen in the comments. I released it as a series to build tension and this involved each week something new in regards to the video coming out.

At the bottom of this post you can find all four videos in the series: the first trailer, the second trailer, the behind the scenes and then eventually the finished and complete video. The video features the musical genius of one of my online YouTube friends, he composed the full track from scratch for this series, which is why it fits perfectly into the video!

I am sure in my mind that upon this post I will receive an email from Picture Meerkat telling me everything he thinks is wrong or unrealistic about this video, but all of my YouTube subscribers thoroughly enjoyed the video and thought it was well made, edited and produced. 

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Animator Meerkat