Hi Everyone,

How are we all doing?

I hope your Monday is going well! Mine sure is as I'm gearing up for my birthday tomorrow when I'll be 16 (what a scary though ey? I wonder how Picture Meerkat copes with that age!!). You can send all your presents too... actually, I wouldn't ask that of you guys. If you do want to give me a birthday present, go watch the video attached later on in this post!!

The video at the bottom of this post (just mentioned) is the first episode of my first semi-professional online TV series. If you remember, a few months ago Picture Meerkat, the Reverend, Lardich and I all went to a location to film an agent movie. This was quite a good video and I'm now making basic arrangements for the sequel to this! In the mean time, I've been working on this new series, which we're going to go back to, in order to finish filming at the site.

We even got an honour on YouTube today for this video!! Check it out below!

I really hope you like this episode and I look forward to Picture Meerkat's comments!! Hopefully they'll be good!!

Animator Meerkat