Hi everyone,

I hope you don't feel neglected! I just haven't been posting much recently, because I have nothing to say! We don't have much news to give you, without giving away the big twists and plans for this month and the months to follow!

I did however notice I have forgotten to tell you that Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 3, has past 11,000 views on YouTube! It happened a week or two ago, but I really haven't had the time to tell you - and I wanted to wait until I had enough information to make the post length worthwhile your reading!

Anyway, so with the birthday celebrations nearly here, I think it is only fair to explain to you the plan. The birthday will run from 26th October to 30th October 2010 - yes that is five days long. This is because it was the most convenient week, so I know the day of the 25th was the actual first post here on the website, but this is the week we will be celebrating, because we have averaged it out! This means, there will be a new surprise each day, available on the new page of the website, the movie series birthday page, it is the new homepage! You can find it at the top of the navigational menu bar. This means one day you will get one surprise, and if you check the next day, there will be another new surprise for you! And so on for 5 days! Yes 5 whole new surprises for you - and I can guarantee they get better as we get closer to day 1!

The surprise for day 1 is amazing, and I can't wait for you to see it (CLUE!), but I have been planning the day 3 surprise with a couple of the other people involved in the project as well and that is going to be awesome as well because all the things you never knew, all come out there! Obviously it won't be done until the actual day 3, but I can't wait for the day 3 surprise, and the day 1 surprise in particular!

We owe all of this to you, because there would be no point having a website and a movie series etc. if you didn't get involved - this is why we have tailored the surprises around things we know you like and react well to, so I have been excited since July (yes, we have been planning this for ages!) for you to see what your seeing on day 2 and day 1 - and now I know what they're going to be, the other days as well.

As a team, we have all got involved in some part of the movie series' birthday, but I'm sure your going to agree when you see the surprises, I have added a few extra treats in as a thank you from me personally!

Bring on the end of October - in the meantime, check out the new homepage for more!

Animator Meerkat