Hi all!

Day 4 is here and I have put the new surprises online on the website homepage for you all to enjoy. I felt bad because I didn't think the surprise for day 4 was enough on its own, so I coincided it with the release of our new official Facebook page! Yes, we have a new facebook fan page, and now we can finally start updating you regularly on Facebook again. I know we have always had a Facebook page for Edvard, but it wasn't updated that frequently, so we are back again with a new page to coincide with the birthday celebrations which we promise to try and update as frequently as we can with lots of new surprises and hints and exclusives, so head over there for knowledge before it even goes live on the website!

We are looking at getting a special guest for the fourth movie at the minute, but we are trying to go a few steps further than an author this time and go for someone properly famous. We are in conversation with a number of people at the minute who are candidates for this role, and we are just waiting for one of them to agree to do it! Trust me, if we can get one of these special guests, they are massive in popularity in the world today, so look out for that soon! If you have someone that you feel is a candidate for being a special guest in the next movie, please let me know because I'm happy to consider your suggestions, email us at meerkatofficials@hotmail.com.

Just to update you, we are hoping to add adverts to our website again very soon, we are looking at ways to achieve this, sorry that they have been missing from the website for a couple of weeks, but with any luck we will have them back up for you soon, watch this space!

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