So, after the hectic-ness of yesterday, I still didn't get to rest today. I had to make the DVD. Although as you know from yesterdays post I did make one yesterday - I tried to but it failed four or five times, and so I have had it running at three different times today, and then eventually it has worked, so I'm really glad. Tonight the actor who plays Lardich and I sat down and watched the movie straight off the DVD. It was really interesting to see the final result on the DVD. If you want a DVD for free, leave a comment on this post!

We have three channel honors today, and we indeed had three yesterday, and for the reason that the movie had just been released, I was too busy to stop and add all the channel honors in for yesterday. So today, the channel honors are at the bottom of the post.

There actually was a point today in which we only had two channel honors, because we hadn't had enough views to make it into the most watched of the day, but I soon fixed that by uploading more videos, which has bumped us back up and we are now back to three honors.

Unfortunately, because the DVD was being remade today, it takes over a whole PC, and makes the PC nonfunctional until the end of the process without causing the DVD making process to crash. Therefore, I haven't had a chance to upload the files for the app and give them to the developer because of the DVD being made - which as you can guess from what I said above, I have had lots of problems with.

I have decided to make the process more fun. I know how many views we got by midday yesterday, but have chosen for YouTube not to publish how many views we now have. You guys will find out the final number of views this coming Saturday - just felt it dragged it on and made it more entertaining for me. Everyday, I will let more of the views show, but you won't know what the final number of views was until Saturday 22nd May.

Honors Below!

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