Hi movie fans!

Just a quick one today because, as you may know from the last post, I'm REALLY busy today and tomorrow. But I just had to let you know that the podcast has now gone live.

Yes, if you have missed your podcast fun over the last month or so, we have finally had time to record a new episode and here it is! One thing that you probably will notice is that I forgot that I'd recorded an interview with one of the voice actors, Callum, ready to put at the end of this episode, episode 12 and forgot to introduce it at the end of the episode, so I had to record a new little message to go on the end, and then go into the interview!

To compensate for the long gap between episodes, this episode is 45 minutes long. This is because Kyle and I recorded about 38 minutes of podcast, and then I had a 7 minute interview to add to the end.

Also, my new channel has maintained its honors, yes that is both the video honors and the channel honors. I'm so glad and I'll post them at the end of the post!

Thanks for sticking by us and continuing to come back.

Check out the new podcast episode HERE

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