As promised, at 12 (midday) I have put the movie online for you guys. The second ,movie can now be watched in its entirity on the Watch the movies here page. It took me a while to get them all online for you, but you can now watch the full movie.

I have suggested to both Picture Meerkat and one of our voice actors that they watch all the way to the end of the credits, because I have added some surprises along the way.
I have not put the special features online yet, because in true cinematic style I decided I'm going to wait. Of course, not 14 weeks like they do at the cinema, but maybe tomorrow, or tonight or next week.

Later today, I will be submitting the appropriate files to our developer, so he can compille the app and have it updated in the next few weeks. I would submit them to him now, but I can't because....

I am making the first ever Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 2 DVD on my computer! This has forced me to use another PC in my house because my one is currently making the DVD and I don't want to interrupt it and cause it to crash.

Cor, glad that's done. Don't have to think about movies again until the end of June when movie 3 starts production. Oh wait, I do have to think about the movies, I have to get down and write the next movie.

For your first spoiler for the third movie? It is going to be darker, scarier and generally more dramatic that anything you have seen from Edvard, friends and enemies so far!

Oooh exciting!

Animator Meerkat

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