Hi guys,

So have you seen the new banner? I put it up last night as agreed with you. For those who didn't know, what we agreed was that if we passed 15,000 views on the movie, I would upload a new banner for the site, so this is what I have done. I tried to use some new fonts, as I felt the old one was nice (and is still in this banner) yet slightly younger, if you know what I mean. Ahead of this slightly darker movie, I wanted it to reflect the movie that we have coming for you guys!

So that means we have passed 15,000 views on YouTube - you guys are amazing! To have been at the stage with movie 1 before, and now to be here again with movie 2 is a dream, especially when since the re-upload, the movie has only been online for two months. The thing that is most exciting about this is we have reached 15,000 views just before the release of the third movie in the series, which means I can stop advertising the movie all the time etc. ready for the release of the next in the series.

Which brings me onto the next piece of news I have for you, and probably the biggest as far as the movie series is concerned. A release date has been confirmed for the third movie! Yes, I can now confirm to you the date on which you can all enjoy another trip to Stadgroot. In case for whatever reason you can't see the date in the banner at the top of the page, we return for some more meerkat antics on 1st September 2010! How exciting right!

Ahead of this, we are going to launch the final trailer in the series, and you can expect that last trailer this coming Saturday morning! It is over 2 minutes long and it features clips from just over the whole of the first half of the movie! So we have included lots for you to get you ready for the new movie. I have to say, of the three, its my favorite one yet!

There will be another edition of the iTunes podcast out tomorrow, I tried to record it today with two special guests, but due to technical difficulties I had to give up, so I will either be recording with one of these two special guests or a different special guest completely depending on whether he can fit us into his busy schedule. Or if all else fails, you can join me for 30 minutes on my own! 

Specialeffectskat has sent through the second special effect and I intend to fit it into the movie tonight. Once its all done, we will have the whole first half of the movie ready for the final compilation, and then we are only waiting on 3 or 4 scenes, which are done, but need some alterations which should come anytime after today, because Picture Meerkat gets his internet connection back tomorrow, and I will be sending him the list of jobs he has to do before movie release!

Time to get to work with the special effect!

Animator Meerkat

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