Oi, what does that so and so below think he is doing? Commenting on my news page! He was given his own page to avoid exactly that, I don't want him leaving his mark all over my page! This is for official peoples only. Well, he had his break today (Well earned? I'm not sure about that one!) but, he has had it, and he starts movie things again tomorrow.

The decided strategy has been created today. Picture Meerkat will go through the movie in chronological order, he will make all the changes to my scenes (as he wishes, by the way, if there is too many, I will be angry! Hehe) as he goes, but will start doing all of the rest of the scenes for the movie. He has also agreed to send through the scenes he has completed ready for Teaser Trailer 2 - Yes, its coming and I have an excellent idea for it, stay tuned!

The new advertising campaign has been launched mere hours ago! I am desperately trying to get part one as close to its original number of views (before are unbelievable mistake from Youtube, yes, don't worry, our channel wasn't meant to be taken down!) But, I have launched a new campaign, which is growing rapidly over Youtube and will hopefully get us at least a FEW more views!

The new deadline has been set. Apart from one or two scenes, the movie deadline for Picture Meerkat to have nearly everything done by if the end of the school holidays (Easter) - as we know quite a few of our fans are children! So, hopefully this will be kept to! This is roughly the start of the second half of April. This gives me just under half a month (about two weeks) to get all of the polishing and editing etc. done, to have the movie ready for its proposed early May release date, date still to be confirmed! Oh, the excitement! It is getting close now! In the mean time, visit the official iPhone app page of this website, and download the app! As announced in a post a few days ago - as a thank you to our app downloaders, they will have the movie EXCLUSIVELY available to them at least a few days (maybe a week or two!) early! So download now!

Also, I have updated the homepage with a nice little picture, which reveals, hardly anything - but I like it! Its a new concept, have a look!

Animator Meerkat 

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