Oh my goodness, such excitement tonight, and you want to know why? Well, whether you said yes or no I'm telling you anyway!

Well, to start with the second movie is now completely finished. Complete with credits, credit music, theme etc. I will be exporting it tonight, and then, no changes can be made. Although the movie comes out on Saturday, as per usual, I will upload the movie onto YouTube tomorrow night, but on private, so at least we are ready.

Now for what I think is the most exciting thing of the post! Joe Craig is an english winning author who wrote the Jimmy Coates kid agent series. Now, he is an award winning author, and I managed to hook him on board to help us get movie views! Thank you so much to Joe Craig, I contacted him on Facebook and on his fan page and his profile he posted a link to Animated Meerkat Movie 1 - Part 1 and so since he did so I have already noticed a rise in movie views. With any luck, as over these two places he posted it he has 3,000 fans, we can get the just under 2,000 views we now need by Saturday.

No threat if not! If Joe gets us something like say 1,500 that is cool as well, because I have uploaded two moe videos today, one that has been up 3 hours, one that has been up less than an hour and has beaten the viewing score for the one which has been up 3 hours already! So with any luck, could one or both of them take off and get in the top 100 videos tomorrow and get us the remaining views? With any luck, we could just get there.

We have maintained our 3 channel honors, though as I mentioned earlier, with any luck we may have a video honor by tomorrow - fingers crossed guys!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat

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