So, yes, as I mentioned on the post below, I have a few issues with the theme tune. Picture Meerkat wants a completely knew theme - but I desperately don't. I don't mind doing a remix, and making the second film sound completely different, but I really want slight reminders of the first movie - because they need to flow on. As I said last time, the Harry Potter movies all have different themes, but they all have elements of the original (da da da da da daaaah da - my attempt at the main harry potter chord in da's) theme from the first film. I will see what I can come up with :)

Also, I have uploaded 4-5 new videos this week end, so far. None of them are related to the meerkat movies, they are simply my tool to drag people into the channel, and therefore into the movies. I did it with JLS back in October, now I am doing it again, and will do it again in March with videos from JLS live.

Just trying to get the movies support :)

Animator Meerkat

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