Again, loads of news for you on this lovely Wednesday. I am really happy with today, because after tell you yesterday we had reached 10,000 - today I can tell you we have passed 10,800 and are just less than 10,900. Could we be at 11,000 by the end of the night? All that I'm sure, is we should never say never. Fingers crossed guys!

Today, we have got 6 honors. Of course, I'm happy with all the honors we get, but earlier today we had  and I couldn't get on the website to post about it! Oh well, so many of the videos did so well overnight, its obviously helping the movie views, lets just hope it continues to do so!

EDIT: Since earlier when I wrote the post, we gained another honor! Yes, another video got into the top 100, so you can see it below. With this has come lots of new views, we are now over 10,900 and on our way to 11,000. I uploaded another video tonight in the hope we can get lots of views over tonight! Fingers crossed for lots of views tonight!

We also got a weekly honor today - that is always great to see because it gives the video another chance to get us some serious views. Enough on honors though for today.

Back to movie. Now we're in the last two weeks, it is all about getting everything compiled together. Tonight, scenes 14, 15 and 16 will hopefully join the mix. Scene 14 and 15 are already done, so with any luck 16 won't take much longer, Picture Meerkat is doing it now!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat

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