I had literally only done the post before about half an hour ago, and that is todays real post. But, I have just checked YouTube, and I found some news of which I just 100% had to tell you.

Once again,we have crossed.

5,000 views on YouTube!

Thank you to everyone who has watched the movie, or helped us get support for the movie, we are currently still growing in figures, and are hopeful that we can get back up to 16,000 by 3 weeks today.

I think it would be amazing if by the time the new movie came out, we had 16,000 views once more because it would be such a special moment/.

In the last few weeks, and indeed the coming weeks, I will be working extra hard to ensure we get as close to, if not to or passed, that 16,000 mark once more.

I have been putting YouTube advertising videos onto the channel over the last few weeks to ensure we get more and more views - and if it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't be where we are now.

So come on guys, this is the final three weeks, the final push - lets get those viewing figures up to 16,000 by movie 2 release date - Saturday 15th May 2010 - thanks guys!

EDIT: My, today seems to be the day for news, no more than 30 - 40 minutes after writing this second post of the day we have MORE news! I decided not to make a new post, because three in one day is to much, so I have included it in this one. It is just a little bit of proof to show that I am REALLY trying to get us as many views as possible, check out the fourth honor of today, for a third video. Three videos in the top 100 worldwide, its at the bottom of this post, thanks! END OF EDIT

For todays proper news, check the post below :)

Animator Meerkat

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