Have you seen the movie yet? I have it on my iPod now as well. Watched it with the family last night. It was great fun to let them watch it, they enjoyed it, which is always a good thing! So why don't you do the same for your family and buy a copy of the DVD. We are not charging extra at all. We are only charging for the actual DVD and postage and packaging (if appropriate). 

I am currently making a copy of the DVD for Picture Meerkat. Then I will be able to mass produce them if anyone is interested, get in touch by commenting on this post, on the youtube channel (link on the start page). So please, if you want a copy, let us know! The DVD, we hope to have available online at some point soon, at the minute we would do it over PayPal, and we would send through the DVD. I want it available on iTunes or Ebay (this would be as a 'buy now' not an auction). If you know how to do any of these, or have any better ideas, please get in contact, and we could give you a free copy of the DVD! or a part in the next movie! or a page on the website! Prizes up for grabs!

Hope you're having a brilliant boxing day! I am having a chilling out day after yesterdays excitement!

Animator Meerkat

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