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Here we add our favourite pictures from both production and just meerkats generally. Add your own if you want by emailing us from our YouTube channel, details are on the front page, thanks :)

Sergei joins the blog!

Sergei joins the website! The first upload, he must feel great. To be the first invited online. Well done to him. This was done by our excellent picture meerkat :) So complements to him! For more concept, keep your eyes peeled, subscribe to us on Youtube and if you want send us your pictures of Sergei, either on flash, or just normally. For example hand drawn and scanned in or on photo editing software. Just send it to us via our YouTube channel :) 

Notes by Picture Meerkat

Sergei was a real challenge to draw, as the face took ages to get right - over 2 hours on it. However once the face was fine the rest of the body went quickly into place! I hope you like it. Simples!

Picture Meerkat

Concept Gallery! Click on any of the pictures below to enlarge them and find out their names! OR just hover over them with your cursor! More to be added!