Podcasts, premieres and repeats - it's all happening on our TV channel! Look below!

There are many reasons why you should want to check back to this page regularly. For instance, we have a NEW podcast series, which intends to broadcast the latest news to you, on a regular basis. Or, if that isn't on at the moment, look below for your chance to watch repeats of your favorite movies from the series, or some of the special features, as well as special behind the scenes footage. Probably the biggest reason why you want to check back here regularly is because movies will premiere on here. You will be able to watch the movies, broadcasting on a live feed, on this channel, when people watching on YouTube might not get the film for another 10 minutes to an hour yet, so sit back relax, and join us!

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Yes guys, I (Animator Meerkat) can now reveal our secret project to you. The movies have a TV channel. You can watch this channel by looking above. Please note: This side project is in its early stages, so if it is a bit lagging (the picture and sound are out) or the music cuts out, or the screen just goes black and stops working, please email us: edvardmovie@hotmail.com to make us aware of your concern. 

One of the issues we have been made aware of by our channel provider (UStream) is that if you are running Safari on PC or are using Mozilla Fireworks 3.6 or higher, you aren't currently supported. Another issue that you need to be aware of, is that in these early stages, the channel may not be live in your area 24/7. Though we will try and make this available as soon as possible. 

We have also been made aware of the fact that if you go onto www.tvunetworks.com and click the watch TV button at the top of the screen (near the centre) then in the search bar that appears type: Teen Channel Official, you may find us that way. Then, when you click on the channel, or any channel for instance, if you don't have the plugin to UStream, you can download it free, it will appear on the screen with instructions, download it, so when we go back LIVE you will be able to watch the movies straight away! 

I have also decided, if you would like to know when we go online, email edvardmovie@hotmail.com saying: let me know when you go live, and we will be able to email you as soon as we go live so you can watch!

So enjoy watching the channel right here, right now!ww.meerkatmovie.weebly.com