The people who have helped us - Thank You

This project is a long and difficult one. Along the way, Picture Meerkat and I are learning a lot more than we knew before. At times, it has been difficult to continue, but certain people have helped us out greatley. Be it advertising, web design or iPhone development, we want to thank them all. Find the list below. This page is update every week or two, and is reasonably new, so if you believe you have helped us, and aren't on the list, email us at: because the chances are we just missed you out because we haven't got around to adding you yet:
Dave Collinson - Special Effects Kat
Paul Farley - Tag Games - Advertised us -

Paul Finch - Website Design
Dave Cook - App advertiser -
Michλel Slevin - Twitter, Facebook Advertiser -
Gina Cook - Blog, Twitter and Facebook Advertiser -
Matt B - Voice consultant
Kyle P - Voice Actor
Jake - Voice Actor
Katie N - Voice Actor
Katie - Voice Actor
The One and Only Nexy (YouTube Name) - Voice Actor