App goes down ahead of version 1.3

Our developer, Koh Jing Yu, has had some issues because his developers membership ran out and needed to be renewed, but he took the option not to renew this. He felt it cost too much money, and therefore wasn't cost effective. All of his apps have gone down, and until he renews, you will not be able to get the movie app. We don't know at this point in time if he even intends to renew at all! Sorry for the problems this may cause, but you can still follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Veoh, Facebook and on iTunes at our iTunes podcast.

Version 1.2 Goes Live

The second update to our iPhone app has gone live (06-04-10) So, have a look and see what you think. We have got loads of new features for you! The second trailer for the movie is now out (for the second movie) and this is the Lady GaKat one. Unfortunately, we had hoped to have this update out before the trailer went live - but it co-incided with Apple bringing out their new iDevice which is called the iPad. This device has caused a delay in the timings and even though we had the app update submitted ages ago, we just got caught up in it like every other app release or update. So, with this update comes many new features. It is our biggest update yet. We have a new menu, so if you click on the Movie Two (Sneak Peak) menu. So if you click it, you can see the menu appear for you to see both trailers! We have also got three new buttons on the homescreen. One is @Greggfrog - if you click this, it takes you to my (Animator Meerkat's) Twitter page! This means, you can get the updates as they happen, and 'follow me' for the latest news! The middle button is more games, which takes you to a page where you can view more games from our developer, Koh Jing Yu. The last new button is Support. This button takes you to a direct link to your device's mailbox, so you can email (my movie email address) and get help if you require it!

Version 1.1 Goes Live

The first update to our iPhone app is out! As of yesterday! There are quite a few new features for you to get your teeth into. We have updated the YouTube channel with our new one, so access to that is now available. The blog link has been made faster and refurbished. It is a more organized app, with two main buttons at the top of the screen: Movie 1 and Movie 2. If you click Movie 1, it opens into Movie and Special Features, and goes on as normal. If you click Movie Two, it automatically plays the first teaser trailer. Another update will go live as soon as Movie Two is released - discussions are being made whether people owning the iPhone app should be able to view the Second Movie a day or two early, as form of thanks for downloading. If you haven't got your copy, link is below! It's totally FREE!

We go mobile! - make a video and we may feature it on this page! Send to Do it :) 

Hiya guys!

Today (27-01-10) we went mobile. Which means you can watch the movies, on your iPod Touch or iPhone absolutely FREE with no WIFI required.

Please download the app:

We know you will enjoy it!