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Hello, I am the Reverend, and I joined the movie series today, as Animator Meerkat mentioned on the news page. One of my favourite TV shows is Doctor Who, and tonights one (for the UK fans) was alright, but we have to wait until Christmas for the next one.

Anyway, back to movies. I'm the Reverend, although you can find me on YouTube at - and the other day I got cast a part in the third Edvard Orlovski movie, voicing the Reverend. Animator Meerkat is going to tell me a bit more about the character soon.

So you guys, I mostly spend my time sim-racing, and uploading videos for you guys on Youtube at the minute, or in the office. I will be sure to update regularly, and hopefully, you will be seeing a lot more of me as I take you behind the scenes on all the movies from 3 onwards!

Check back here regularly for more blog updates...

The Rev
    Welcome to the Reverend Raves, please be seated for todays sermon


    Join the Reverend in this weeks communion, as he takes you through the order of service, and deals the latest on the movies as they stand. Watch out for the Rev in movie three onwards!


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