Sorry if this post is slightly later than usual, but I forgot that today was Friday! Not much news beacause I haven't managed to do much this week, but I may be able to get some done tomorrow, and if not, Lazykat will be around my burrow beating me with a big stick. Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
So, it seems that I am doing the animating. I am pleased to announce that:

    1) I have already animated one of the scenes, so some progress is being made.
    2) I am able to officially rename Animator Meerkat as... Lazykat!

Other than that, there is very little news, as I have had a particularly busy week and not much time to animate, but I might get some more time this coming week. Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
I am pleased to announce that one of the major new characters has been completed, and an old character from movie 1 has had a new makeover. I won't reveal who, but I am really pleased with how all the new drawings for this movie have turned out. Soon animating will begin, and a date has also been proposed for recording, so the current movie is definately under progress. That's all for this week, but next Friday I might show you certain parts of a new picture, bit by bit until the release. Simple
Look at this, I seem to actually be keeping up with my once a week posting! Again, another slow week, with a new ship to draw (which didn't take too long), and a new costume for Meelin. Next week I have prior commitments on Tuesday, but after that I intend to complete one of the new characters for Movie 4, a Mongoose with a verry cool sword (which you can see below).
Next week, I will probably have completed the scene I am currently working on, and then I can hopefully animate a bit faster. Simples!

Picture Meerkat