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Hello and welcome to the Meerkat Movie blog of Edvard Orlovski - The Movie. Here we will give you the inside scoop on the best from the movie production. This includes exclusive: pictures, video footage and news. So hang on here at the blog for all things Edvard. The movie is scheduled for release at some time next year. We will try and give you all the news first, though you may also want to go to one of our team members youtube channel : If you subscribe to him things will be put up on there to. 

If you want to, you can send us an email on the youtube channel given above and send us a file from you. This could be something like a meerkat film clip you made, or anything you want. When approved, we will let you know, credit you fully, and it will appear up here. We may even let you voice a part in the movie :) We will just have to wait and see. The film is being made in Macromedia Flash, or Adobe as it now is. It is a side project so it takes a bit longer then it would if it was full time project, if you have knowledge of Flash, please let us know and show us some work from you. We are looking someone to help us do the lip syncing quicker. So if you can help, please do. Thanks :)
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Just a quick apology for those of you who saw the OLD look to this website. To allow us to add cool animated gifs to the top banner, we have had to change the format and layout slightly. Sorry. Hope it doesn't cause any problems.

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Head to the pictures page.  All is revealed there :)

So below, are some details as to our YouTube channel.

So below, are some details as to our YouTube channel. So when we do release something to do with the movie, you will find it come up below.
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