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In between movies, we keep the website update all the time, but we don't want you to forget what changes we have made, and what new pages, blogs and side projects we have created for you. At the minute, the newest features are:

38, 741 views later and a new page!

To announce the counting of the number of views we have had over the three movies so far, and to launch the year ahead for movie four, Animator Meerkat has added a new page, Movie 4 Home, which is currently not the homepage but will become the website homepage following the movie series' birthday at the end of October. Currently, only one feature is available on that page, and it is a little introduction to whats ahead for the movie series in the next year. Or, what we can tell you is coming up!

Now own the movie on DVD, flexible sending options available (post, eBay, amazon etc.)

The third movie is now available on DVD for those of you that would like a copy. To obtain your copy, simply email edvardmovie@hotmail.com, or complete the form on the Newsletter page, as if you were subscribing to the newsletter, but write 'DVD' in the comments section provided. This will then be forwarded to us, and we can get back to you. Don't think your excluded due to geographical position etc. because we are happy to send a copy almost anywhere. And we can do this via online sites like eBay and Amazon, so you don't even have to share your address with us!

Movie Three is now available worldwide, with the DVD out tomorrow!

Final Trailer for our third movie - Coming 1st September 2010 with the DVD out next day!

Teaser Trailer 2 for our third movie in the series!

Teaser Trailer 1 for our third movie in the series!

We've bypassed 15,000 views on our second movie! - Our present to Picture Meerkat

Although the movie series isn't ending just yet, Picture Meerkat is moving house. This means he is moving away from meerkat HQ - but don't threat, the movie series will continue! I (Animator Meerkat) wanted to get him a present, but couldn't think what to get him. Then, a few weeks, it struck me, what better than passing 10,000 views on the only movie so far that Picture Meerkat has written and directed himself. So, for a few weeks now I have been working really hard to get us as many views on the movie as I could, and then yesterday (19/07/10) it didn't look possible. We were about 600 views away from our total, and this morning, we were still 400 away. So I posted some more videos, asked for support from the movie twitter followers, and with your help, we made the big 5 digit-er! UPDATE: Yes, we have 15,000 views on our second movie! Thanks for all your support guys.

Have you subscribed to our all NEW newsletter, updates as they happen, look below:

A new layout, and a new advert!

The new advert, spot any new characters?
There is a new look for the website, to keep everything updated. Finally, we have found the perfect format for the site, to allow us to have a navigation bar on the left hand side, yet still a massive banner at the top. You are going to be seeing a lot from that soon, as we use it to our advantage. Which brings us to our next new feature. A preview advert for the upcoming movie - just a sneak peak at some of the new things you can expect from the upcoming movies. Be sure to check back regularly!

As of Saturday, 26th June, you can visit the church right here on the site. So visit our cermon, and join the rev's congregation, as he raves the latest news as he sees it - God Bless you All for coming!

Come on England - we support them, do you?

Edvard and some of his friends are English meerkats living in Stadgroot, so meerkats such as Edvard are definitley very patriotic. Any chance they get, they will support England in their worldwide events. At the minute, it is the world cup Edvard is watching so come on England! Once England go out though, which no doubt they will, Edvard and friends will definitely still watch the world's best football teams take on each other. Especially as the World Cup is being held this year in Edvard's now home continent, where Stadgroot is, in Africa! 

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