Hello there my friends!

I am the Picture Meerkat, who creates ALL of the concepts for the movie, and decides what everything looks like. I also come up with ideas for the general storyline, as well as making the most dramatic scenes even better! I also animate the most dramatic scenes, as I feel not even Animation Meerkat can do them justice! I plan to visit the site often and leave comments, possibly with the latest pictures attached, and a bit of writing about them. However its not just drawings and flash work I do. I also create the miniature models that will be used for the movie - such as a miniature cardboard mansion, with over 200 individually painted tiles! As soon as I finish the mansion I will post a picture so you can see it. Simples!

Picture Meerkat
This is the picture meerkat's blog. Yes the one who draws all our concept art. After this post I will leave him and you to it. But that means the rest of the team have no idea how many posts he will leave, and how regularly, so bear with him . He is slow :P 

So leave him comments on the blog, we will pass them on to him and he may reply to you guys or leave a post about them. So ask your questions and he will answer... WE hope :)


Animator Meekat ;)