Hope you had a great weekend, and are enjoying your bank holiday Monday,

I have done some more work on the script over the weekend, and it is coming along quite well. Although, due to other commitments in the next few weeks progress may not be as fast as I would expect or hope.

We have lots of honours today, although I feel this isn't just a site for YouTube success, so I will withold these honors, and from now only post special honors or details.

Today, I want to relink movie two and movie two special features - having a bit of an issue with movie one in that I can't find it to upload. Really don't know what to do, but will hopefully think of something this week.

Yesterday, I recorded the first voicing. The Queen is now fully voiced. Yes, there is a spoiler for you, there is a Queen!

Animator Meerkat

I'm really excited today because I got home and have found out we have a new video honor! It isn't for the same video as the one we have had the last few days is - yes unfortunately, we have lost that one now. But, bring on the new! We have a video honor, which isn't for most discussed, we actually have an honor for being the most watched in France!

Also, across two of the three channels I created, we have got 9 channel honors! I am so happy about this, and somewhat surprised how well my new personal one - meerkatsandmongeese - has done, being it hasn't had any advertising. The only channel still not in the charts is the one the movies go on, which I did kind of expect, but part 1 of the second movie is over 300 views now, so all is good.

Hopefully will get a chance to do some script work tonight, hope to spend at least half an hour somewhere on that tonight, but if I run out of time, I will be sure to do some tomorrow, ahead of recording sometime this weekend or next. If I fail to get some spare time for movie writing it is because...

I am still trying to reupload all of the movie files to YouTube. They are all so massive that they take about an hour to hour and a half each, which limits the amount I can upload and therefore limits how fast they get put online. No worries though, they will be on as soon as I can get them on!

Animator Meerkats

This is kind of a YouTube take over post, because I'm always so busy on Thursdays due to other commitments, so there is probably some news I have missed, but I had to mention this quickly now.

So two of our channels are in the charts still, both have increased their viewing figures, so I am really excited and happy about that and hope the continue to do so. The honors for the channels are really amazing, so look at them at the bottom of this post!

We also maintained our video honor, so check that out below as well, because we are always proud of video honors because they don't generally last as long as video honors.

Movie 2 is completely back on YouTube, if I get a chance, I will be relinking the videos tonight to the website, but probably won't get a chance.

Soon guys, we have some exiciting news to tell you about regarding our new special effects guy, so stay tuned!

Animator Meerkat

So we have some great news for you tonight. Both my personal channel, MeerkatsandMongeese, and the advertising for the movies channel MeerkatsAdvertising are no in the charts for viewing figures. This is great news, it shows the new set up is working because it is unbelievable that two channels of the three, after only being set up yesterday, can have chart places on YouTube. I am so proud!

The third channel, MeerkatMovies, which is the channel for the movies, is less than 30 views away from a chart entry, which is great news, especially for three channels which have only been up 24 hours! But why is the third channel with the movies on so high up in viewing figures (I mean, the movies don't usually get those many views in one night right) well..

The advertising channel is doing its job, and it is definitley pulling in the viewers. One of the videos is in the charts as well on the advertising channel! Yes, one video has got an honour for being in the most discussed videos in Britain! Wow right!

With regards to Movie Three, I am hoping to continue some work on that script tonight, but it really depends on what other commitments I have tonight, and of course YouTube progress.

With regards to YouTube progress with movie uploading, will continue with that as soon as I finish this post, going to try and get at least the whole of movie two up and online tonight, will see how it goes.

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat

I'm sure there is loads I could blurt out to you tonight on this post, but I am short of time. This is because I have spent the whole evening getting the new YouTube channels created.

We have got a new sponsor, who helps with some aspects of the movie as well sponsorship (you probably won't hear much more about them after now) but they said in order for us to get sponsorship from them, we had to start up a new YouTube network again. This is really unfortunate because today we passed 200,000 views over our whole YouTube channel and over the previous score of about 16,700 on Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 1 - Part 1. This new YouTube network works completely different to anything we have done before, let me explain.

I now have my own personal YouTube channel again, although this will double up with support for the movies because I will mention them in videos etc. This channel, if you would like to add and/or subscribe to me is: www.youtube.com/user/meerkatsandmongeese - this channel will be updated regularly with my own personal videos of which I make myself about current events, music etc. but limited movie reference.

The next channel is the channel which I will use to advertise the movies. Any videos which we can use to harness in new viewers will be put on here. So, these videos will be used to get more views for the movies and drum up a bigger fanbase. So here is the link to this channel: www.youtube.com/user/meerkatsadvertising - so add and/or subscribe!

The final channel is for the actual movies. Everytime a trailer is released it will go on here, and obviously we will put the movies online as well on this channel: www.youtube.com/user/meerkatmovies - I will also release the special features on here.

The first two of the above are now all up and running, so please subscribe to them. The third one currently has the first and second parts of the second movie online because the files are much bigger and take something stupid like an hour to an hour and a half each to upload. Hopefully will upload at least parts 3 and 4 of movie two onto that site by tomorrow, so hopefully we can have all the youtube channels completely functional by the end of this week.

Sorry for the upset this may have caused, fingers crossed this is the last youtube channel move now!

Animator Meerkat

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I have been really busy, and I imagine I wont post much over the next week. All will be explained in the next through paragraphs so keep your eyes peeled!

We are hoping to do some voicing for movie three this coming weekend or the one following. Although this is only for one of the characters, this voice actors is always so hard to get hold off that we don't feel we will have another chance to record her parts before the movie comes out - so this is our only chance.

This puts me under enormous pressure this week because I have to attempt to write the whole script for movie three, or at least most of it, so that we have some lines for the voice actor to read, which means it is going to be occupying my time for a while now - so I am doing movie work, but it distracts from online work.

Today, I gave Picture Meerkat his copy of the DVD for movie 2 - tonight, I have put my copy of movie two next to my copy of movie one, and now both movies have cover art, they look smashing together on my shelf. Got to say, I can't wait until there are 7 up there together - it will look great.

YouTube and honors update. Although we are still getting channel honors, I have decided to pull back a bit and only comment on the website and put the honors below each post if they are drastically new e.g. we have a new video in the charts or something, so todays post won't have any honors, although we do have some channel honors today. I am busily uploading lots of new videos as I speak in the hope we can continue to advance. Got some exiciting YouTube news I hope to announce soon, and I'm talking about two different bits of YouTube news. More news on that soon.

On the subject of deals, I hope to be able to announce an advertising deal in the next few weeks for movie two, but as always, this kind of thing is out of my control, it is totally up to the other party involved in the advertising, so I hope to announce a new advertising campaign for movie 2, but who knows where that will lead us.

I have also had contact with a new person. This person, should they decide to join the team, will get their own page on the site. But what will they do you ask? It will be our new special effects meerkat! The person has already agreed to freelance with us and make some great effects for the coming movies, but he is yet to express wanting to join the team properly, although I have put the idea to him!

Animator Meerkat

Not much to say today, I'm basically posting this post because I had some news for you on the honors front. Today, we have had lots of views, and my inbox went crazy with loads of emails from YouTube with comments and subscriptions. So, that's really good news. I will post the honors at the bottom of the post as per usual, and let's hope the views continue to increase at a fast rate.

I'm hoping to do some movie work tonight, but Thursdays is always a busy night for me, if I get some spare time, then I will try and get some work done, but for once, I don't have to rush my way through to make sure Picture Meerkat gets things on time. I am currently about four pages of the way through but I hope to spend about 20 - 30 minutes on scriptwork tonight.

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


So, the script writing process for movie three has continued. I say continued because in actual fact, if you remember, I started writing the script a while back, but then I got busy again so had done no more since. Anyway, so I have written about four pages of script and I'm excited to announce that it is going really well - this next movie really explores the characters. As I was saying to Picture Meerkat today in a meeting we had, I want us to feel like the different characters have layers. I have even put some ''current affairs'' type things in, and made great use of Boris (see movie two, in the meeting room with Dimitrii - he's on the far right!) although I'm not tell you his role as a character or his role in this movie.

As soon as I finish writing this post, I'm going to try and go back and do some more work on the movie. I have decided that it is worth mentioning that Picture Meerkat has started work on the concepts for movie three - with the king nearly completed. There you go, a little spoiler for you, there is a king involved!

Today, we have got three channel honors, and I am deeply impressed with the honors that have appeared. Especially todays viewing figures, we have had nearly 3,000 views across the whole channel, which is great news.

Which brings me onto my next point. We have started getting lots of views again quite quickly, so with anly luck, we can get loads of views and get the first movie up to 20,000 views (my chosen target for after movie two release) and then I can start advertising movie two.

For the record, Picture Meerkat did mention today he expects movie 4 will be the best movie of the series - and I think I agree with him. Some of the ideas we have got planned for you guys are great, but more on that after movie 3 is complete!

The special features for movie two are online, so if you check the Movies Special Features page of this website, you can find the special features and watch them all through!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat 


So, after the hectic-ness of yesterday, I still didn't get to rest today. I had to make the DVD. Although as you know from yesterdays post I did make one yesterday - I tried to but it failed four or five times, and so I have had it running at three different times today, and then eventually it has worked, so I'm really glad. Tonight the actor who plays Lardich and I sat down and watched the movie straight off the DVD. It was really interesting to see the final result on the DVD. If you want a DVD for free, leave a comment on this post!

We have three channel honors today, and we indeed had three yesterday, and for the reason that the movie had just been released, I was too busy to stop and add all the channel honors in for yesterday. So today, the channel honors are at the bottom of the post.

There actually was a point today in which we only had two channel honors, because we hadn't had enough views to make it into the most watched of the day, but I soon fixed that by uploading more videos, which has bumped us back up and we are now back to three honors.

Unfortunately, because the DVD was being remade today, it takes over a whole PC, and makes the PC nonfunctional until the end of the process without causing the DVD making process to crash. Therefore, I haven't had a chance to upload the files for the app and give them to the developer because of the DVD being made - which as you can guess from what I said above, I have had lots of problems with.

I have decided to make the process more fun. I know how many views we got by midday yesterday, but have chosen for YouTube not to publish how many views we now have. You guys will find out the final number of views this coming Saturday - just felt it dragged it on and made it more entertaining for me. Everyday, I will let more of the views show, but you won't know what the final number of views was until Saturday 22nd May.

Honors Below!

Animator Meerkat
Hiya guys,

I had written you a really indepth and interesting post, which took me about half an hour to fit everything into, and it was for sure the longest post yet, and then when I saved it, the post went live, but with not text, so have had to start again.

Anyway, so the main news. Movie Two has gone live! Yay! It took me forever this morning to get all the content online etc. but I managed it just at 12 (midday) and so you can now enjoy our second movie right here on the website, or on YouTube. To watch it on the website, visit the Watch the movies here page.

For all those people wondering, no the special features for the new movie are not online! You want to know why not? Because in true cinematic style I have decided to hold off and wait until at least tonight, if not tomorrow, or later in the week to release the special features, as to stagger the content a bit. Don't worry, we won't make you wait weeks on end like they do at the cinema when new releases come out.

Hopefully, now the movie is online I can submit the content to our developer, so he can get the app update finished, although might not get it to him until tomorrow.

Today, I have also started work on the DVD - the first one is about to start being made now, I did try earlier but it failed, but hopefully should be OK next time I try (when I finish this post).

Phew! The movie is out, I can sit back and relax... no, whoops... wrong, I have to write the script for movie three so I guess I will have to get to work on that by about tomorrow, so the script is done in time for the end of June, when movie three production starts. Although, I am aware, my organisation skills are far better than Picture Meerkat so it wont take me a month to write one story line for one single movie. Although, as I have so much time before the next movie goes into production, I won't go at top speed.

Speaking of scripts, soon you will be able to find the movie two script on the Successfull Scripts page. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will have made the scroller for the new script and like the movie one script, you will be able to view it by tomorrow, if not before, but who knows!

Movie Three spoilers already? We've only just given you movie two today and you want spoilers for movie three? OK then, just one. The tone of movie three is going to be a lot more sinister and scary, yet dramatic and intense all at the same time. The storyline will be a bit mor e heartfelt, and you will be able to feel like you are actually standing next to the characters instead of just watching them. I want to make it the scariest one we have made so far, which isn't hard because the other two weren't scary at all! By scary, I don't mean frightening the pants off of you, I just mean it will have a more sinister and scary hint than the ones before it have been.

Finally, before I leave you - the moment you have all been waiting for. Did we get to 16,000 views on YouTube by today? Well, the thing is, I can't really tell you becausee I don't know. We are waiting for one final YouTube view update at my end, and then I can announce how many views we did get up to. So hopefully tonight or if not tonight, tomorrow, I will be able to announce if we got to our target, or didn't - you can look at the movie on YouTube if you want and check and see how many views it had, but I'm waiting for the YouTube viewing figure updates before I announce anything.

Exciting or what!

Animator Meerkat